St Marys of the Angels, 17 Boulcott Street


The re-opening of St Mary of the Angels after three years’ re-strengthening featured on national television in April 2017. The church looks magnificent with no indication of the massive structural works behind the new paint and plaster that have brought it up to nearly 100% of the building code.

Designed in 1918 by Frederick Jersey de Clere, St Mary’s is believed to be the first reinforced gothic church in the world. It was closed after earthquakes in 2013.

The $9.5 million re-strengthening was funded out of grants and donations so tight budgets led to a number of innovations.

BlackYARD Engineering (then Pacific Consultants), were responsible all Electrical Services and worked extremely hard with the architects (Bulleyment Fourtune) and builders (LT McGuinness) to provide good solid value based electrical engineering design services.

The end results speak for themselves with a discrete and super energy efficient lighting design that accents the amazing features of the building without drawing attention to the lighting systems themselves.

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