Choosing to do things differently.

Thought leader, strategic advisor
& entrepreneur

Carmen Blackler

Carmen is a thought leader and strategic advisor who, over a 25-plus year career, has gained a reputation for strategic foresight. Along with an innate ability to deal with complexity, she has astute planning and delivery skills and a willingness to ask the questions others might not.


Carmen has a Masters of Technological Futures, a BE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and a Diploma in International Marketing.

She has a passion for identifying opportunities and improvements, and better understanding the effect disruptive technologies are having and will have on business.


  • Strategy, technology and policy development and implementation
  • Innovative thinking, thought leadership and problem solving
  • Relationship/stakeholder management
  • Leadership and change management
  • People, product and project management


Thriving on intellectual challenge and striving for excellence, Carmen has been in a range of consulting, management, technical, product development and operational roles. She takes an honest approach to providing objective views of solutions that are in clients’ best interests.

Carmen has significant experience in the energy sector, including electricity, gas, emissions trading and asbestos management. Her interest in the application of emerging disruptive technology to solve business and social issues, has led to recent experience in managing and developing platform business models and technology.



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